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About Star Spangled Gamblers

You have probably noticed that there are lots of boneheads out there who are reporting news stories that turn out to be phony, or who make political predictions that are hilariously bad. For example, outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, and MSNBC have been spent years hyping Donald Trump's imminent downfall due to his love of peeing on Russian hookers and/or being a Kremlin spy; while Fox News regularly claims that the Trump Administration is the greatest in history and has a 99 percent approval rating. Both of these narratives have turned out to be enormous factual whiffs, but major news outlets ran with them anyway due to the fact that they are run by betas who need partisan clickbait to make money.

Star Spangled Gamblers isn't like them. That is because we are staffed exclusively by geniuses who can see the political future and make accurate predictions about what is going to happen in Washington, D.C. Because of this, we don't need hokey crutches like "opinion journalism" to earn our audience's respect. Instead, we have an established track record of political predictions that all of our readers can share in by wagering safely and legally on the website PredictIt. That's right: we literally put our money where our mouths are through a legal gambling exchange; and when we win, our readers do too.

This last fact is incredibly important, because SSG is alpha AF and supplies its readers with more gold than Fort Knox. During our beta, 82 percent of our bets paid out in the black. This is way better than the recent track record of big shots like Newt Gingrich, who said that, “The great political surprise of 2018 will be the size of the Republican victory;" and Keith Olbermann, who promised that Trump would be removed from office by the end of 2018. Unlike these jokers, when we're wrong, we lose our own money. 

How does helping us help you? For those of you gambling, our goal is to give you an unfair advantage in political prediction markets. And for those of you who come to SSG for a laugh and some unbiased insight, our goal is to ramp-up coverage into all the aspects of politics and the culture surrounding it.

-- Hiring a complete and total savage research assistant to help us generate more content and run our social media postings.
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-- Juicing-up our advertising budget to get the gospel of SSG out to new users.
-- Purchasing subscriptions to fancy publications.
-- Stocking our bar with enough Red Bull and Robitussin to get through the Democratic Primary and 2020 General Election.

Your support is greatly appreciated. 


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