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StartupAUS is Australia's leading advocacy group for a home-grown Australian tech sector. We are a non-profit organisation producing leading policy, advocacy and research with the goal of turning Australia into one of the best places in the world to build and grow a tech startup. We support and work with companies all the way from a single founder through to global tech firms who believe in our mission.

Why support us on Patreon 

We are scrappy. Our small team of specialised tech policy advocates is out there every day, pushing strongly for Australia's tech sector in the corridors of power in Canberra and State capitals, and in the media. Every extra dollar helps us do more - an extra opportunity to sit down with political leaders, an extra issues-based campaign, or an extra piece of research to highlight the vast benefits of a growing tech sector for Australia.

There has never been a more important time to boost the resources directed towards this effort. Technology is changing the world, and Australia must get ahead of the curve. That means we need to strongly support the growth of a local sector, while making sure our political decision-makers are up to speed with the challenges and opportunities technology presents (and how to deal with them).

Our track record

Since being founded in 2013, we've had a real impact on the Australian startup ecosystem. Our flagship research report, the Crossroads, is of particular influence; its recommendations served as the basis for many of the measures that make up the $1.1bn National Innovation and Science Agenda. In fact, the Crossroads was said by Michael Bailey of the AFR to be 'plundered for policy' by the Turnbull Government.

We've since been intimately involved in helping get startups special access to visas, and helping State governments deliver value for young companies with everything from innovation precincts to direct grants and financial support.

We will always continue to celebrate the success of Aussie founders and give startups a voice on issues as diverse as protecting the R&D tax incentive, copyright reform, employee share schemes and many, many more. Your support will go directly to allowing us to prove and demonstrate the transformational effect startups are able to have on our economy.

Any level of support is greatly appreciated!

Technology is the single most powerful factor in ensuring continued wealth for our country. Building Australia's startup sector is a critical way to reap the benefits of the global wave of digital innovation. We think that's an important goal, and we're humbled and grateful that you do as well.

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