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Science is fractured. Society is fractured. The culture is long dead.

The food you're fed harms you, and then you're prescribed drugs that cause more problems than they solve. You're pushed into a slave life that goes against every bit of human nature, then you're chastised for getting fat and depressed. And you're asked to embrace this world that's killing you slowly. A world long dead, and soon to be buried.

No more. I've been studying and experimenting with the mind-body for over 20 years, and I can show you how to unleash the Power that is your birthright. In the Integral way we bring together knowledge of psychology, physiology and physics to amplify your life. There's nothing mystical and esoteric about it, it's experience and experimentation - and far removed from corporate fraud and quackademic pseudoscience.

In the Integral Way, we seek to optimize every aspect of life to achieve a Sublime experience and excellence in being who we are as individuals.

Life and being are a dynamic system. Everything that affects the mind-body and its environment affects your ability to manifest your Power. The foundation of it all is what the ancients called ἦθος. That's often translated as "character", which does it little justice because it includes your body and what you do with it (nutrition and exercise), your typical surroundings (things, people, dwellings etc.) and what you DO - your habits and psychology. It's you Integral personhood.

Only the influence of the celestial bodies is beyond that. And they do affect you massively through gravity, electromagnetism and cosmic rays of accelerated particles. So don't be an idiot about it and get that information, too.

What can I show you?

  • How to optimize your water and mineral balance, so your brain can function properly and you aren't sleepy all the time.
  • What foods are absolutely poisonous and you should avoid if you want to use mind-body to the fullest.
  • How to experiment with proper food, so you can optimize your diet to what you need. (No, there's no cookie-cutter approach because everyone is different.)
  • The power of fasting: how to actually learn it and make it a habit, so you stop being a patient and start being a god - like you were meant to.
  • What basic exercise to practice with domestic methods to make sure you are at optimal performance, not aging like the lo-awarenes mass.
  • How to use deep psychology to understand your urges and limitations, as well as type anyone and communicate effectively and persuasively.
  • How to accelerate your cognitive development based on your personality type and current lifestyle.
  • How to use meditation and awareness to improve your cognition, focus and ability to manifest objectives and desires.
  • The effects of planetary movements and cosmic forces - how to prepare for them and handle them effectively.
  • Fundamental principles for organizing your personal ecology (people, objects, dwelling etc.) that work for every psychological type and preference.
  • How to build a business, product, skill stack, master any subject, spin up a powerful social network, dress in style - and much, much more.

The one focus of all this is and will remain the Power of Mind, how to master it and how to maximize it for an amplified life.

Creating high-quality content and training programs for mastering the mind-body isn't easy. That's probably why I'm the only person doing it. This is the only place where you get to learn about everything that affects and Builds Your Mind - from celestial dynamics to the food you eat.

Your support allows me to put in more time in developing programs and aids that you can use to amplify your Power and amplify your life.

Every dollar of support counts - and will help change the lives of many people. The best part is that you don't have to believe any of it. Apply it, adapt it and share your experience here and on Twitter. Skin in the game!

Make sure you get the newsletter because a lot of that content is exclusive - and free for subscribers.

Got questions?

Make a monthly pledge and ask me anything here. I will make an effort to answer every question, but even I don't know everything.

Remember this because it's yours:


I do NOT intend to sell any of my books in electronic form. Only patrons will receive occasional PDFs as a special benefit at my discretion.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 115 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 115 exclusive posts

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