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About Startup Soda

Hey there,

My name is Paul Towers and I am the creator of Startup Soda, a free daily newsletter that supports the Australian startup ecosystem.

Every day I spend 1 - 2 hours putting together links to the top ten articles, blog posts and tactical resources from Australian startups, founders and VC's. It's my way of helping support everything that is great about startups in Aus.

In addition I support Aussie startups by promoting events for free, offering free ads to new Aussie startups and talk to 3 or 4 Founders/Entrepreneurs every week to help offer some insight and advice on getting started.

I will always do this for free and will never charge for helping grow our ecosystem in my own small way. As a result, all of the costs for this come out of my own pocket (which I am 100% cool with).

If however you have a few dollars to contribute each month you will not only help the newsletter but also the Aussie startup ecosystem. Any money generated will be ploughed back into the project to help support Aussie startups and grow the reach of the newsletter. In the end everyone beneftis.

Thanks in advance for your support.


P.S. You can subscribe to the  newslett er here or contact me via email
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$500 per month will allow us to significantly expand the reach of Startup Soda and start to offer even more insightful content to our audience. Things we are looking at doing in the future include events, in-depth interviews with Founders and VCs + More.
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