StarveCleric is creating English Translation of Library of Heaven's Path

Fighter 武者

$1 /mo
During the inception of the world, all lifeforms started out from the same starting line.
Then, some were unhappy with the current status quo and became Fighters.

Expert 高手

$5 /mo
In this world of limited resources, Fighters fought with one another to gain the best cultivation conditions. Amidst them, Experts started appearing.

Master 大师

$10 /mo
But even among Experts, there were those who stood out. These people grew to become the Master of their fields.

Transcendent Mortal 脱凡

$20 /mo
As humans became more and more powerful, they realized that a larger world lay beyond them. There were beings who were just like them, but surpassing their limits, they became Transcendent Mortals

Saint 圣人

$30 /mo
At this level, one starts to get in touch with the secrets of the world. Be it space or time, nothing could hide from one's eyes anymore.

Immortal 仙

$50 /mo
When all secrets finally uncover, what that is left is bare truth, the very fabric of the world. 

Empyrean 天人

$100 /mo
Rumor has it that a single being stood at the very peak of the entire world. He was the teacher of all beings, and all respectfully addressed him as The Empyrean.

Master of Face Slapping 打脸高手

$200 /mo
Nothing can withstand a good face slap.
No matter who blocks the way, the Master of Face Slapping will destroy them with a single slap. 

One 一

$250 /mo
Legend has it that this is a calligraphy of the ninth level.
Perhaps if you stare at it hard enough, you just might decipher its secrets and comprehend the essence of the world.