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Hello, I'm StarveCleric, the translator for The Records of the Human Emperor.

Translation isn't a simple job, and much effort has to be placed into translating to make sure the content and intent are relayed in the most accurate and comfortable to read method. This is especially so for historical and literature novels, which would require one to research for long hours just so to present the most accurate facts to the best of one's abilities.

Thus, Patreon serves as a medium for readers to thank translators, as well as to treat them (a) monthly cup(s) of coffee.

Note: This Patreon is charged upfront
In other words, money will be deducted the moment you sign up, and the payment will be done at the start of every month.

Do I need to donate to read the chapters?
No, you don't need to donate. All chapters on the WordPress are free and will remain free. Donations are just a way to show your appreciation and naturally, I will return the gratitude with certain benefits of my own, such as reading chapters in advance and such. 

Can I change my pledge amount?
Yes, you can. Just go to the top right of the page and once you hover near your profile picture, you will see a list of options. Just click on “Your Pledges” and you should be able to see all your active pledges and make changes/edits to it.

How does Patreon charge me?
Patreon accepts two forms of payment: PayPal and credit card. You can add your PayPal account to Patreon, or if you don’t have one, then simply add your credit card. Please make sure that your given payment account has the funds, not expired, etc, otherwise the pledge will be automatically declined by Patreon.

Discord Server:
Please PM me on Discord for queries. I'm quite open to questions.
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