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About Starving Artist Collaboration

The Starving Artist Collaboration is the brainchild of Stacy J. Garrett and Alex R.R., a mother-daughter team creating illustrations (Alex), custom one-of-a-kind dolls, miniatures, photography, and books (Stacy), and the magical fantasy comic on Tapas, The Successor (both!). We're both freelance artists who either are going to, or have survived, art school, and we're looking to carve our niche into the world by creating amazing and enjoyable arts of all kinds. Here on our Patreon you can see our work in progress, and even have input into some of what we do! Your support directly supports us and every penny literally counts. The bigger our Patreon, the more we can make for YOU our audience. Stacy's social medias are the ones linked on the account, but don't worry: You can find Alex as @alexowoa just about everywhere! We have a Discord channel, and we love interacting wherever you find us, even in person.
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When we get 10 patrons, we will share each page of the Prologue with $5+ patrons as it is finished! You'll still get a PDF digital copy or physical copy if that reward is part of your tier, but you'll now see before you receive!
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