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About Star Wars Comics Daily

Star Wars Comics Daily is a podcast focusing on all of the various Star Wars Comics.  Each day is a different track.  Monday is Classic Marvel featuring the original Marvel series.  Tuesday is Dark Horse, focusing on the Dark Horse comics that feature the main cast from the movies.  Wednesday is Legacy, focusing on the past and future of the Star Wars timeline.  Thursday is Canon, focusing on the current series of comics.  Friday (if we get our goal) will be Wild Card, focusing on different series and topics, some of which will be voted on by our Patrons.

Your support will help pay for hosting costs for the show and our website, the cost of equipment, and, of course, the comics themselves.  We'd love to get to the point that your support would allow us to go to more conventions during the year as well.
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At $150, we will add a Friday Wild Card show that will focus on other Star Wars things, possibly weird comics, possibly other media. When we hit the goal, we will likely let Patrons vote on what we will do, unless we come up with a great idea.
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