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Monthly Horoscopes for You

As a valued patron at the $10 tier on Patreon, you will receive access to our monthly horoscopes.

These horoscopes are written for a general audience, and are suitable for most publication platforms.

What You Get

Each month you get a horoscope for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. 

Every sign has 100 words for a total word count of 1200.

How to use these syndicated horoscopes

You may reprint these horoscopes in a column, on your blog, on your website, or magazine.

These original monthly horoscopes are written by Alison Price, a professional astrologer in Vancouver, Canada. You may use the by line, “by Alison Price” or “ by Starzology” or use a pen name of your own.

Publication Date for Monthly Horoscopes

Our monthly horoscopes are published on the 21st of each month, for the following month. This will give you enough time to copy and paste them to your blog or magazine. 

About Alison Price

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a place that showcases artists and creative people so that patrons (that's you) may choose to support creative people (that's me) through small, regular financial giving. Your patronage can be as modest as $1 a month. 

Who I am

I am Alison Price a writer, astrologer and creative in Vancouver, Canada. I live sparingly with my family and maintain a low carbon footprint. I have no car, no cable TV and no pets. I care for a plant called Egbert and lots of books.

In my creative work I have a computer, phone and printer. I use software, paper and ink and I have internet and web hosting commitments. These things are my main expenses apart from a roof and food.

I share and grow my astrology knowledge at workshops and conferences where I usually teach but sometimes I just attend. I like to recharge my creative juices through spending time with inspired people. 

My currency is astrological and new age knowledge.

My Creative Work

I am driven to provide basic astrology that everyone can use. I strive to give you enough information so you can bring the essence of astrology into your life without having to learn the detailed intricacies of chart work or in other words the nitty gritty.

My goal is to raise basic astrological knowledge of everyone through simple, but correct, information. This is the stuff you can confidently use and you know some already like your Sun sign.

I aim to take this knowledge out of the ivory towers of "Astrology only" people and make it available for those who seek understanding. If you support enlightenment then you can help everyone else on their journey.

Of course I am happy with high level astrological theory, debate and questions but that only appeals to a select group.

Your Support

I ask for your support, through your patronage, so I can continue to teach, develop courses and write about astrology for everyone. Please help me.

Thank You

Your contribution means so much to me. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for considering to be my patron.


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