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Esquires are our crucial partners in this endeavor. They are the ones who help us spread the news and follow our collective pursuit online. We pledge to always keep a living link with each and every esquire.

 This is why there will be a monthly esquire meeting, exclusively, for States of Splendor patrons, on an exclusive livestream. The monthly exclusive  group livestream will be an hour long or more, in which we can have more in depth conversation about the various subjects explored by States of Splendor. You will also be able to  ask questions, even steer towards semantics and more philosophical subjects.

 Each esquire will therefore always have possibility of conversation with us, monthly. 

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Are you a fellow traveler? Your help is the difference between absence and a common journey.

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The founders are the 12 pillars upon which States of Splendor is made possible. They are the first ones who made the States of Splendor ship set sail.

Their firm confidence in us is a tribute we shall live up to and reward. They are the only ones who not only can participate in the weekly exclusive group lifestreams, but may also, once a month, get an exclusive one on one one hour skype interview with the States of Splendor editor.

 +Monthly access to our exclusive chat meetings. The chats will be one hour long or more.

 +Every 12 months you will recieve not one but two copies of our yearly printed States of Splendor magazine.

 +As of the third month, each founder will receive a free States of Splendor official polo or t-shirt. Be sure to tell us your size and preference (black or white). (one time gift)

+After that, every seven months, an exclusive promotional or collector's item will be shipped to your address.

+Every month you will recieve an patron exclusive mini-video on a States of Splendor subject

+The 12 founders will get to vote each month during our monthly chat meetings, on the subject of a five to ten minute segment in the next podcast.

+10% off States of Splendor merchandise

 Finally, we pledge to name each of the 12 founders at the end of every one of the SOS podcasts.



About States of Splendor

Thank you to all fans and patrons who make our mission possible.
States of Splendor is a unique magazine linking together various realities of civilisation. This initiative aims to offer visibility to illustrious phenomena which, by the Splendor that lies within them, represent the excellence of multiple cultures found throughout the world. States of Splendor is a window unto individuals, businesses, places, objects as well as intangible heritage that are worth transmitting to future generations of this ever evolving global village.
Welcome to
Our team works hard to bring you true examples and news of authentic culture worldwide. States of Splendor is presented through various articles, short films and regular podcasts. We have an intellectual focus but are resolutely aimed at relaxing and entertaining people from all walks of life. Our S.O.S. podcasts are resolutely cast within what we call "dreamtime" and so, are designed to make the listener reflect and float in that same, peaceful dreamtime.
We very much appreciate feedback and we thank our supporters. In doing so you are encouraging budding talent from around the world get together and offer a glimpse of some true jewels that exist in today's fast paced world. Greatest gratitude to all!
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When I reach 2500$ per month, podcasts will be weekly with a randomly selected patron interview from the FELLOW TRAVELER TIER with possibility for the patron to make a shout out to the compatible business or individual of his or her choice. EVERY WEEK.
Additionally, one new original subject video will be posted EVERY WEEK.
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