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About StationmasterDev

Disclaimer: The player character in this game commits atrocities that should NEVER be brought into the real world, and anyone who thinks otherwise deserves a stay in horny jail. 

Rise of the Exalted

You play as a world-consuming parasite with nothing but a host and the walking cathedral you call home. Conquer your way across a dark fantasy world, build your base, and breed an army capable of bringing this plane to its knees.

Gameplay-wise, it is a 4X game played from a first-person perspective. Construction and conquest happen on physical tables in the environment with traditional top-down interfaces, but interactions with residents happen face-to-face by hovering up to them and talking.

Manage Captives:

Captives (from raids or conquest) are your primary resource. Drain them of life force to power your magic, deploy them as your vanguard, or just sacrifice them on the spot.
If you infest a captive with a parasite, they become an Exalted Drone, a more powerful being that is psychically linked to your will. They will be your generals, your inquisitors, and your concubines.

Build your Base:

The main floor of your cathedral is a city. The first alpha has six building types, but there is a lot of opportunity for growth here, and I expect there to be dozens by the end (I have things ranging from dairies and fighting pits to glider bays and summoning circles in my design doc, and I expect this to become at least as diverse as Stationmaster over time).

Construction happens from the top, but most interactions with your residents are face-to-face for that personal touch.

Conquer the World

By infesting the leadership with parasites, you can bring farms, cities, and nations under your permanent control. Controlled settlements will send a steady stream of resources, and can be upgraded for increased production or defenses.

The factions are barebones for now (they will only declare war on you if you draw their ire by taking settlements), but future updates will bring more options for diplomacy, as well as faction leaders with distinct personalities.

Future Updates

Like Stationmaster, Rise of the Exalted is designed to grow in a lot of directions over time. A couple of the most important planned updates are:
  • Diplomacy: I touched on this a bit, but factions are going to be a much more interesting part of the game. Some leaders will look kindly on a new power upsetting the balance of power, and others will attempt to destroy you as an interloper.
  • Gender Overhaul: Currently, the protagonist is male and everyone else is female. It would have taken too long to animate and rewrite everything for more general cases before the alpha, but I intend to fix that in a future update, allowing the full gender spectrum for all involved (subject to precise player control).
  • Battles: Battles won't be stuck on auto-resolve forever. Joining your soldiers on the ground to conquer and sack cities will eventually be an option.
  • Furry Content: This is a fantasy universe, and the possibilities for furry content are functionally limitless.
  • Events: Random events with the people living on your Cathedral, as well as map locations, will bring more color to the universe and its inhabitants. These will have a lot in common with Stationmaster's events, but with some upgrades like multiple participants.
  • Training: Currently, your captives and drones' personalities don't change much over time. I intend to fix that by importing some of the bondage-y manual training from Stationmaster, upgraded with better animations.

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