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About StationmasterDev

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What is Stationmaster?

Stationmaster is a city-building and brothel-management sim with 4X space strategy gameplay that makes you the owner and operator of your own space station. Your primary goal is to build a small-time floating brothel into a galactic empire. How you do that is left completely up to you.

Will you be kind or ruthless? Treat your slaves with compassion or cruelty? Be a celibate tactician or sex-crazed marauder?

You have full control to:

  • Build your station’s facilities, promoting tourism and increasing the mood of your citizenry
  • Staff your brothels with procedurally-generated slaves from a variety of different markets, being as varied and/or picky as you like
  • Create a personal harem to use at your whim
  • Build ships to conquer the galaxy, taking helpless civilians, princesses and CEO’s as your spoils of war
Throughout the game you’ll run into dozens of animated random events, ranging from everyday operation hiccups to unique encounters with famous crews and people. Procedural generation makes each playthrough unique in its own way, creating hours upon hours of replay value.

Current State of the Game

The game is far from complete, but it is content and feature-rich. The core mechanics are implemented, and you can construct a massive station, accumulate (and customize) hundreds of slaves, and conquer the galaxy with a fleet of warships. Content-wise, It has:
  • 16 rooms, each with tons of furniture items
  • Multiple novels' worth of text
  • Over a hundred clothing items
  • Dozens of modeled environments
  • 27 non-human species, ranging from grey-like aliens to furry catgirls
It has been playtested by the community for thousands of hours, and has been constantly improving in the year or so since its initial release.


That's not to say it's not improving though. I release a patch every few weeks, usually with some pretty major content (pregnancy and a fighting pit, to name a couple). The really major stuff requires more time and resources though, so I've created a list of stretch goals out of them.

Stretch Goals and Voting

I’ve created a stretch goals voting system in order to give patrons more of a say in the game’s development. Each time a stretch goal is hit, patrons at the Diplomat level and higher will get to vote on the stretch goal they want to see added to the game next.

 ⦁ Space Battles

These battles will be completely optional, with a “Personally Join” checkbox made available during raids and combat-centric events. Players will be able to control their own personal ship (which can of course be upgraded over time) to fight through waves of enemies in order to further control their combat success or failure rate.

 ⦁ Pillaging

This will be an FPS mini-game during raids where you can shoot guards and manually capture civilians. It includes a ton of AI work as well as a procedural world generator that’ll start you from outside a compound and allow you to fight your way in. Successful pillaging will give you more control over your raid rewards.

 ⦁ Hunting

Ever wanted to experience The Most Dangerous Game? With this stretch goal, you can. This high stakes hide-and-seek FPS mini-game will allow you to play with your holdings in a new and interesting way.

 ⦁ Walking Around the Station

After spending hours building the floating brothel playland of your dreams, wouldn’t you like to walk around and experience it first-hand for yourself? This stretch goal will allow you to do exactly that, allowing you to walk around and utilize your station’s amenities as if you were a regular tourist. I may also include special random events that only occur if you’re walking around your space station.

 ⦁ Manual Training

If you've ever played Sealed Room Breed, you likely get the idea. It’s a fully animated system that lets you place your hands, aim your whip, or give your slaves love and treats face to face. Leave marks, exploit jiggle physics, or just admire your assets.

Special Thanks to…

I would like to extend a thank you to anyone who has managed to read this far (and hasn't jumped away in horror yet). Extra thanks if you become a patron. I think that together we can build something truly amazing.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to the Free Cities community (especially FreeCitiesDev), who served as an inspiration for this project. I have stolen many ideas from you, and I cherish all of them.

Finally, I'd like to thank the good people of FreeSound (especially AderuMoro, Erdie, 11Linda, MatteusNova, bulbastre, deleted_user_1390811, artsyangelee, drotzruhn, Rylius, themfish, YleArkisto, and CASCHMI). I've used your work liberally.

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Vote on one of the following new systems:

• Space Battles
• Pillaging
• Hunting
• Walking around the Station
• Manual Training
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