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Level up your health and mana!

With extra HP and MP, you're sure to get finished content earlier than anyone else!

You'll also level up your health and mana each month and start building a healthy character. Who knows where or when you might need those stats!

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Level up your strength and endurance!

HP and MP are important but with STR and END, you'll be able to keep up with projects as they progress.

Seeing where it's at, what's coming in the near future, and being part of the discussion on upcoming things are all included.

Your level ups each month give you a healthy boost to your stats. You, of course, know that HP and MP is important so you made sure to level those up, too. You won't be defeated so easily! 

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Level up your intelligence, constitution, speed, and luck!

You're deeply involved and want to understand it all. Be part of the daily logs that outline what I've worked on, what I'll be working on, and how those things are going. 

Your monthly level ups are significant and eclipse other tiers. When the need arises, you'll be ready!

You didn't neglect your other stats, either! You get all previous stats and their benefits, too.




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Hi, I'm Vey and this is Stat Plus Point!

We don't start our games at level 99 so why should life be any different? I challenge you to walk along with me as I strive to improve not only in the games I play but in all aspects of my life.

Whether gaming takes me into the depths of strategy and technique inside the game, the design and philosophy behind its conception, or the health and wellness I need to employ to improve - I want to share it all.

This journey will be reflected in all kinds of mediums but here on Patreon, you'll be part of something much bigger than just the finished product. Stat Plus Point is about improving which means not always succeeding - but constantly attempting. And if you want to be part of that process, I want to share it with you.

You'll see the ongoing projects, hear the failed recordings, and touch the next process. And maybe if you feel like you have something to share - even help out and get us past hurdles even faster!

Seeing someones work life is only a small part of what makes them tick and what inspires them to create, though. Because of that, you'll also get to know me and my personal life a little better - and in turn I hope to get to know you more, too! 

But this isn't just about you or me - it's about us - as a group! We all want to play better. We all want to be better.

So join our community and enrich not only your own life but all of ours - one point at a time~

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