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The #staymarried Podcast is the product of two people (that’s us, Tony and Michelle Peterson) learning and laughing through our discoveries as we continue to ask the question that got us started, “What does it take to stay married?”

Why Patreon? Why now?
We founded #staymarried in 2012 out of a compassionate restlessness to equip couples with communication skills and deeper understanding of their partners, hoping we could make a dent in the rising divorce rates. We started out on Twitter with a simple hashtag and, while the tweets gained traction and the subsequent blog grew quickly, we noticed an interesting trend; the majority of our readers were women. That’s not necessarily surprising, but the concerning thing was that those women were forwarding our blog posts on to their partners and tagging them on our tips and reminders on social media, often without adding any sort of context for WHY they were tagging their partners. This passive communication leads to confusion at best and offense at worst. Connection is key.

We created The #staymarried Podcast to help couples connect while they listened together, or connect when they talk about the episodes after they’ve listened separately.

By the time we wrapped Season 3 of The #staymarried Podcast in September of 2017, the show had over 400 thousand downloads. That’s a whole lot more than we anticipated. It’s time to take this thing a bit more seriously, invest more in hosting and other techie things, and increase the ways we can resource couples, counselors, groups, and other marriage helpers.

BUT, we aren’t ready to take on advertisers. We would really love to continue to provide #staymarried as an ad-free experience to as many people as possible, and that’s where you come in! By participating at any level on Patreon, you are helping us reach our dream of seeing #staymarried become self-supporting, grow, and help even more couples around the world.

Here’s what podcast reviewers on iTunes are saying about our work…

Geniuses for my Ears
“Michelle and Tony are crazy smart and amazing. They don’t claim to be marriage experts, but the information they are sharing and the way they are making it so accessible and relevant is simply genius.”
- Bigfishboy84

So good!
“#staymarried podcast is SO good. It’s easy to listen to and full of practical advice to help me stay married. Definitely a fan!”
- Angw0504

“Loving this podcast so far and greatly appreciating that it’s easily applied to non-straight marriages as well, unlike many other marriage-oriented blogs and podcasts. We LGBT married folks want our marriages to be loving, healthy, and long-lived too!”
- Marriedfmm

Best marriage podcast

“I love this podcast. I’ve been married 10 years and find lots of fantastic advice and great ways to engage with my husband, who also listens to the podcasts, while deployed. Military marriages are hard! Thank you #staymarried for keeping us connected even when we’re apart.”
- Khunt1310

#staymarried should be a staple in any marriage

"The Petersons are not only engaging to listen to, but they truly care. We stumbled across this at a time we truly needed the tools they provide. It is one thing to say you support married couples, but these two take it to the next level. We appreciate your passion and drive. Thank you for caring!”
- smithkmk


“You guys. I have felt defeated, hopeless in regards to making my relationships last. I discovered this podcast maybe an hour ago, and I promise you I have hope. You two make me feel so emotional, and ambitious to try new approaches. So thank you! I’m excited to get to know the both of you more.”
- Pjcguuefhvsyjjvdtbj

The literal best

“This is the (literal) best marriage podcast. Practical, encouraging, thoughtful, heartfelt. Michelle and tony give tangible tools to love your spouse better, bring on timely and authentic guests and enjoy marriage i all it’s imperfect glory. I love listening every week when a new episode airs.”
- erae_o_sunshine

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