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About SAG Team


We are the team behind the Steam account generator! We create programs and apps that are free to use, but sadly, some of these apps require us to have dedicated servers, otherwise they either wouldn't work at all, wouldn't be as easy to use or would be way slower. The main goal of this Patreon is to fund our services. We promise to use the funds only for improving and funding our services. 

Here are some of our services:
1. The Web Generator:
  • Instantly make Steam accounts with a single click (second click may be needed to solve steams recaptcha)!
  • Steam guard disabled on all accounts!
  • Comes with CSGO added to accounts!
  • Comes with verified Email!
  • Has API access! Integrate with your own software! [Broken right now, we're working on a new version]
  • Electron app with proxy support
  • [Patreon] Generate accounts with custom profile pic, bio and names!

Patrons please read:
We will not provide support thru Patreon! We are not online here most of the time. You can find the link in this post.

Telegram Channel: @sag_bot

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