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About Emily Rhodes

Almost ten years ago I began learning how to use a combi steam oven, creating recipes to teach people how to use these brilliant appliances in a domestic kitchen. It was a fun part of my job as a home economist for an appliances company, but though I was hooked on steam ovens from the first day I used one, they also frustrated me. A lot.

Over the next few years, I met hundreds of home cooks who'd purchased a steam oven (or were about to). It didn't take long to see a pattern: there was a huge gap between the technology and sales features, and the available recipes and working knowledge people needed to cook in their steam ovens every day.

It was the same story with almost every customer. 'It sounded so great when we spoke to the salesperson, but now we've bought one, we don't know how to cook in the thing!' I found that in addition to giving a standard list of branded (and often fancy) recipes during product demonstrations, more often than not I was scrawling out basic instructions and recipes for simple dishes.

After a while I got sick of writing out the same directions on the back of a notebook page every few days, and in 2014 I created the Steam and Bake website to publish a few of my own approachable, everyday recipes.

I had no idea how hungry people were for this kind of thing (pun absolutely intended), and I've been overjoyed to see the site grow from a few lone visitors a month to tens of thousands, from all around the world. Nothing makes me happier than hearing someone's cooked one of my recipes and loved it, or that they've discovered how wonderful their steam oven is after months or years of staring it down from the other side of the kitchen.

Things have been going along well at Steam and Bake, except for one small thing: I keep being asked for more recipes, more tutorials and more support. And I want to give you that - I have a lot to share about cooking with these appliances! 

Becoming a Steam and Bake patron, at whatever tier level you choose, allows this to become a sustainable venture where I can create more of the content you're after. In return for your support, you'll have the opportunity to access exclusive recipes, bonuses, discounts, Q&A sessions and support. Basically, you get more of me and the stuff I can help you with! 

I'm so excited to share more helpful content, more often, with you, my most loyal audience members. I hope you'll get inspiration, knowledge and confidence from using the extra resources this platform allows me to create.

Emily x
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