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About Steamlynx

You are a genius demonologist, Hector van Carnie. The thing is that you can’t remember anything about your life in the first place, and don’t really know how you ended up at St.Lascivia. Everybody seems to think you are a replacement teacher, a specialist in protection against the demonic threat, intending to educate students - elves, angels, werewolves and other centaurs alike. Still, you get the impression that you are somehow familiar with the topic, but… possibly, from the opposite side.

Intuition suggests that all this is not an accident - all your paperwork is in order, the opening at the Academy is available, the department of demonology awaits a new teacher... It's all part of some plan.

ave you been summoned by the Forces of Light to restore the Balance of Forces disturbed by the Black Lord of Dark Terror? Or are you here just to have a good time embarking on wild adventures full of naked beauties, uncompromising drunkenness and monstrous debauchery?

Corruption system

As part of the extracurricular activity, you are assigned to conduct private lessons for three promising female students. Classes are scheduled twice a week. At first, the girls deal with simple questions and tasks, but as their lewdness increases, more and more interesting events, costumes, toys and so on open up for them. The latter parameter is important - high levels of lewdness unlock special magic rituals that are key to successful completion of the game.

Main features

  • Visual novel story progression with FullHD CG-scenes;
  • Dating sim with RPG elements, inventory and relationship system;
  • Lascivious teacher management system with mini-games;
  • Postmodern satire and post irony;
  • You can engage in *family friendly content* with a tender angel girl. Or a dozen other girls if you are angel intolerant.

Who are we?

We are a small group of enthusiasts from different cities and countries, we love games and we really want to tell you a vibrant story full of daring adventures, with some drama humor of epic proportions, including angels, demons, elves and family friendly interactions!
  • Eugene Lynx (Founder, Producer / Game Designer)
  • Natalia Lynx (Lead artist)
  • iamrudja (Writer / Translator)
  • SorkOs - Programmer
Volunteers (thank you very much for your help in the development, guys!)
  • mo7g - Game design, RenPy scripting
  • Zaechik - translation, side events/quests

Our game is free and available to everyone, but if you pledge a small monthly fee you can have access to the early playable version. In addition, you will get access to the latest development information, screenshots, concepts, FullHD artwork, patron-only polls and Discord discussions.

With your help, we will be able to release updates more often, make additional CG scenes, translate texts into English way faster. Thanks for your support!

SLAM does not include scenes of incest or characters under the age of 18 (regardless of race in the game world).

SLAM does not include any scenes (visual or text) that violate the Patreon TOS.

Any similarities with actual persons, events or ideas are purely coincidental. Humorous references are nothing but humorous references.

$43 of $100 per month
This will pay the bills for using software that is needed to work on our project (Jira, Confluence, etc.). In return, we will publish news systematically and will also feel ourselves much better.
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