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Stellar Forces is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game that has been going strong for over 8 years now, and as of writing this, over 40,000 games have been played by thousands of players.  When it started, I hosted it on my own PC in a cupboard, but in order to provide better resilience it is now hosted in the cloud.  It is primarily played using an Android app, but there is a PC client as well.

I originally created Stellar Forces after discovering there were no games similar to the classic strategy game Laser Squad (the precursor to X-Com), a game which I loved as a kid.  I decided to write the game in my spare time so I could recreate the fun I had, and 8 years later it is still going strong thanks to the support of a great and friendly community.  It has also had constant improvements and additions, and is now barely recognisable as a remake of another game.

The game is free to play as many times as you want using either the Android or PC client; there is no subscription fees, no in-game adverts or in-app purchases.  Obviously hosting this game in the cloud comes at a cost.  If you enjoy playing this game, please show your support and help Stellar Forces to continue by becoming a patron!  There is always constant demand in the forums for more new features; if enough people subscribe, then I can justify the extra time that I will need to spend on these features, and the game can get better and better.
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