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About Stellar

Hello! I'm Stellar ~ a musician, poet and facilitator dedicated to creating a just, sustainable and connected world.

This Patreon exists to support my work, which is slightly unconventional and definitely not capitalism-endorsed. I make music both solo and with The Seventh String. I write poetry and share opinions on what I see happening in the world these days. I facilitate all kinds of events and contexts ~ antiracist workshops, community festivals, company meetings, offers & needs markets, contemplative retreats ~ if the aim is connection, awareness, and dismantling the toxic systems we're all swimming in. In all three of these fields, long-term, lasting, massive culture change is my driving force.

Thank you for supporting my work!

Other online places you can find me:

Instagram: @stellarsings


Why Patreon?

For two years, I didn't have a home. This Patreon was my living while I lived everywhere: on friends' and strangers' couches, onstage, in the forest with the redwood trees.

I have a roof over my head now, but this Patreon is still my most reliable income. By becoming a patron, you are directly upholding my ability to make music, help dismantle white supremacy and patriarchy, and inspire community and connection in the world.

Thank you for believing in a different world, and supporting my small corner of creating it.
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When we hit 50 patrons, I'll launch a monthly online webcast, where I'll welcome a special guest every month as we share songs or other art, discuss what's going on in the world and what we're doing about it, and answer questions from patrons. Accessible to all patron tiers!
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