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Everyone who became my "DIGITAL" patreon can get one full size photograph of their choice, and each month can ask for a full HD size picture too.

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About Stephane BDC

T H A N K   Y O U   SO MUCH !  for visiting my patreon profile !

Who am I ?

Former photographer of the Group, I'm now freelance photographer based in Shibuya, Japan.
Let's take pleasure viewing these on my website, I do :
- Portrait and model portfolios
- Journalism and documentary ﹖⃝ ﹖⃝ ...
- Honey-moon souvenir shots
- Leading photography workshops (with
- Covering event videos
- Photography art projects : Eukaryotes / Street-Photography /...

What you get ?

All of you will get the full resolution picture of your choice in ALL my productions, so that you can do prints, wallpaper, etc.

The next video is analog photography blend into video, I fixed a Yashica Electro 35 analog camera with a compact canon Ixus. And record movie while I did 2h street photography session in Tokyo ! It's called "Shutter" because the main character is the camera, we don't see it but we can hear it's sound, the shutter sound !

$0 of $1,500 per month
I do street photography and research about ravens in Tokyo, as these projects doesn't bring money I have to multiply part time jobs as teacher, model, tester, it's take time that I cannot have for taking pictures ! I wish life is not nonsense, and create this patreon ! This 1500$ amount is what I need to earn with these part time jobs to continue to live doing photography.
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