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Thank you so much for supporting what I do! It's my goal to transfer more and more of my income from my part-time jobs to illustration and fine art, and my patrons help out so much in making this transition a reality.


  • Work-in-Progress shots of artwork as it develops, both digital and traditional

  • Standing 15% discount in online store

  • Access to print inventory when my store is in transition or not open for the public

  • Behind-the-scenes glimpses into my ongoing journey to become a creator and supporting myself with conventions, business, workshops and more

  • Winter holiday print-gift, and sample merchandise occasionally sent to my $5-and-up patrons!




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About Stephanie Cost

Welcome to my Patreon!

My name is Stephanie, and I currently make art in my free time when I'm not working. My goal for Patreon is to tip the balance a little more toward art-time instead of job-time. I live in Seattle with several struggling house plants, and I love to travel to art workshops when I can afford to! My expenses include things like: student loans, medical insurance, rent, food, chocolate, shoes that don't invite rainwater inside, art supplies, emergency chocolate, and oil to heat my house in the winter!

What to Expect From My Patreon

I'll be posting once-a-week updates with digital work-in-progress images, any final artwork, process notations and reading recommendations. I'll also be sharing my journey through the pitfalls of entrepreneurship. I have a small audience so I know any patrons are likely going to be supporters and friends that are already invested in my success (thank you!) so my hope is to document my journey to small-business-ownership and be able to show you all the very material benefits your pledges have.

What Type of Art Do I Make

I do mostly digital, illustrative work in an organic and slightly surrealistic style, usually hallmarked by a vivid color palette. I also do traditional work, though less frequently, and hope to bridge the two mediums more as I improve at painting. You'll get to see all of it! My subject matter leans toward Fantasy; I participate in Month of Fear and Month of Love, and have a few personal series that are ongoing, such as "After Avatar", a landscape series, and "Chroma", a series with a lot of animal skulls, botany, and color history. I've also started a Tarot deck project, and a brand new series called "Border Stones" focusing on regional mythology and folklore.


This Patreon is a baby! Currently the tiers exist solely to support me in what I'm currently doing, and act as a tip-jar to supplement my bills and art supply costs. All tier levels will have access to weekly email updates with images attached. My first goal is to earn enough money to take a day off from work a month and do more art, and my Patrons will be the first to weigh in on and have access to print designs, sticker ideas, fan-art polls, color scheme feedbacks, etc. I am anticipating a close-knit group whose opinions I value, so as the tiers grow and evolve you will have a lot of input on the type of rewards you'd like to see.

Thank you!

Your support means a lot to me and I'm privileged every time someone puts money toward my journey and my work. I'm excited to share the process with you and to make this coming year more impactful than ever.
$105 of $120 per month
This is my first goal, and roughly represents a day each month that I can take off work and focus more on illustration!
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