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About Stephanie Inagaki

Welcome to my Patreon and showing interest in my work and who I am! I do all kinds of fun things like Middle Eastern dancing and sometimes helping friends with their artwork by modeling, but I mainly make my living as a fine artist and metalsmith. My charcoal drawings range from self portraiture to mythologically based narratives, particularly appropriated from Japanese folklores. My jewelry aesthetic leans more on the macabre side with amalgamations of the Old Worlds. 

Join me to get Patreon exclusive access into my processes from my drawings and jewelry. Members will get first dibs, exclusive year round discounts, and special previews of new releases as well as the opportunity to receive fancy things! You will get video updates and in progress footage too. 

By experiencing my studio time with me, I will humbly share with you my struggles, mistakes, triumphs, and joys. A finished piece of art does not come without its process, and there can be a ton bundled within that whether it's technical, emotional, and or conceptual. I remember seeing original Edward Gorey drawings at a museum once. He had so much whited out and paper pasted on his drawings in order to rework his mistakes, it was a gigantic relief to see that. He was a human, just like you and me. 

Thanks so much to all my fans and patrons alike. It is always so enjoyable to interact with you over the interwebs and in person, I hope that this platform can be another extension of that. 
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Weeeeeee!! Seriously, you fancy peeps, I couldn't be any happier and appreciative of your support. This would cover my monthly bills and part of my rent. It would allow for more new jewelry and cover framing costs for gallery shows too. Since you are all collectively awesome, I will ship out a special something to two patrons at random every month.
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