Stephanie McAlea is creating maps and magazines

$1 /mo
You get my thanks from me! (and a drink and personal thanks if you're in Chester, UK). You.are.awesome!

$5 /mo
This level gets you a full US letter/A4 page map as part of my 'Map of the Month' series. Each month you'll receive 1 x JPG. It could be a Nazi Antarctic base, a secret underground anti-Cthulhu myt...

$15 /mo
At this level, you get to suggest a style of map! maybe you're looking for a Wild West town? or a bunch of star systems? Or a simple haunted house? You also receive the benefits of the $5 level. It...

$50 /mo
My current series of maps of Arthurian Britain are being drawn and I will have space for 6 named manors per region (there will be twenty regions in all from Kent to Aberdeenshire). If you'd like to...

$60 /mo
This level gets you an A1 map, rolled and shipped in a tube, of my 'Map of the Month' series. Once again, they'll change each month but you'll be able to roll this map out onto the table for your p...

$70 /mo
You get an A1 printed map from my Arthurian Britain series. It will also contain a manor named by you, and 1 special site of your design and choosing on the map. UK/EU customers only, international...

$200 /mo
I'll draw 1 US letter/A4 sized map of your fantasy world, country, local area, or other such map. It will be in a digital format and can be supplied as a printed matt poster upon request. Please co...