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About Stephen Hunt

You've landed firmly and surely on the Patreon page for genre fiction author Stephen Hunt and his work supporting the Author's Apprentice school reading programme. Well done, you!

What fiction have I produced to date, I hear you cry? Well, there're at least nine fine science fiction and fantasy novels out and published around the world in English & translation with big super-power publishers such as HarperCollins (Voyager), Hachette (Gollancz) and MacMillan (Tor), thanks for asking.

More recently, there's also been ten novels indie-published by yours truly ... mostly sci-fi, especially if you count steampunk, space opera, horror, and even a little thriller spy-fi thrown into the wider genre mix.

Your mighty fiction machine has been slowing down of late, however. Why? Well, the novel-writing game has evolved since my first book came out in the nineties. I've always been what the trade call a mid-list author (e.g. sadly not JK Rowling or Steven King) and this part of the book trade has been zapped as the commercial living to be had from it has slowly withered on the vine.



I've been spending more time on non-authorly day job gigs that actually pay for the groceries and mortgage payments of late, and squeezing less and less writing hours out of the oily rag of my increasingly rare and exhausted spare time.

This trend seems to be accelerating as traditional publishing slowly dies and Jeff Bezos further shifts indie novels to the pay-to-play streaming model of micro-pennies for creators (like Spotify did to musicians: the difference being, nobody's packing out the O2 Stadium to hear me read my novels). 

It would be truly blooming brilliant to reverse that trend and claw back some working hours to devote to creating exciting page-turners for you science fiction and fantasy fans, not to mention those down-in-dumps souls who need a little escapism injected into their lives (hey, isn't that us all?).


As well as writing, I'm also running the Author's Apprentice, a free virtual author in-residence programme for students at secondary schools.

In addition to the obvious large personal time costs of helping students in this way, there are the more mundane technical costs, too - it isn't cheap to keep all those servers spinning, software licence costs renewed, web sites hosted, etc.

Any folding green you can help supply to keep the programme's lights on is much appreciated, both by myself and a legion of young adults becoming our next generation of readers!


Your help will allow me to downscale and maybe even eventually quit my day job. An extra twenty hours a week should make a monster difference to my writing schedule.



I have so many ideas for new novels, it's not true.

Well, actually it is true. These projects include:

  • The next two books in the Sliding Void space opera series.
  • The sequel to what readers have kindly called the new Dune, my Empty Between the Stars (the epic Songs of Old Sol SF series).
  • The next Agatha Witchley spy-fy thriller (think an insane geriatric Pussy Galore).
  • The last novel in the Far-called series, to follow after The Stealers' War and conclude that quadrology.
  • A near-future extrapolation of all our current tech trends. I have had this idea brewing long before Black Mirror, but I think Charlie Brooker has been creeping into my bedroom at night and using his dream-stealing machine to penetrate my tin-foil hat. That dirty ^%$***((*.

All these worlds can be yours, dear reader (except Europa, of course), if you kindly become a Patreon at the $5+ level.

You'll receive:

All patrons from the $5+ month level and up shall receive dollops of exclusive content each month, which you'll be able to digitally download and read as I post.  You'll receive either a short story set in one of my established universes, or a draft/working chapter extracted from one of my upcoming books.

Sounds good?

Click that big orange 'Become a Patreon' button, then, please.


By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 62 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 62 exclusive posts

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