stephen joy is creating maps, dungeons and other game stuff!

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OK, I'm in, give me some maps!
$1 or more per Weekly Bundle
You will receive high resolution images with no watermark. Where possible images will be in a printed and virtual tabletops format (Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds). Also you will receive individual image files (only available exclusively to patrons).
I'm in and I want the extra stuff!
$2 or more per Weekly Bundle
You will get to hear the Bad Advice Podcast first before everyone else. I will also create extra content like maps, map variations, tokens or experimental stuff like games, monsters, character sheets, and anything else I can dream up.
I want some physical maps!
$5 or more per Weekly Bundle
 You will get all the $2 rewards but I'll also annually send you some original artwork with a personal note of thanks! For this reward I will need your mailing address. I will contact you when the time comes. Unfortunately because of the cost of shipping this tier is only available in North America.