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I can't help but talk about technology, and I've never wanted to clutter my reader's experience with ads. If you have enjoyed and learned from my social media posts and blogs about technology, pledging even $1 a month goes a long way of showing your support. Thank you.
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The technology industry has gone from a niche, specialized market to becoming a ubiquitous presence in all our lives. But's it not enough to just have and use technology, there are software updates, new phones that come out, old phones that become obsolete at a rapid pace, and people must stay informed to keep up.

If someone wants comprehensive coverage of the tech industry, there are great resources like The Verge or The Wall Street Journal, instead I hope to make the most important changes and news accessible to everyone. Choosing specific topics that warrant explanation or further analysis so that even those not following the industry can make informed decisions on what to purchase or of what they need to be aware.
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I'll begin a weekly podcast either solo, or with guests talking about the latest news in technology and tips to help you use your phone, computers, and tablets more effectively.
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