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Thank you for your support, any little bit helps along my journey into a full fledged studio! Sankyuuu ne ~

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Wow you could've bought a bag of yummy hot fries but you chose to support my dreams, you are my hero! Arigatouuuuu~ 

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Okurrrrrr! Thank you so so much for your generous support. You are enabling me access to better tech and equipment to hash out more artwork! Daisuki desuuu~



About StephMadeArt

I draw a lot of manga and anime art featuring different types of ethnic groups. A lot of my commissions come from the hentai community so I will be posting mature content. My long term goal is to eventually start my own in house studio producing anime, manga and webtoons prominently featuring brown people. Any support along the way of my professional and personal development is greatly appreciated. Thank you!🤗
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The cost of living is a bitch (shout out to all my struggling young adults out there, may our ramen never go stale!) If I'm able to reach this goal monthly it'll allow for me to hire on other talent to assist in the creation on my animations and manga/webtoon.
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