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Help me on a daily basis, you maybe can't afford much, but want to support, this minor yet grateful contribution will help towards travel, resources, research and allow focus on the many projects. You will gain access to patreon posts, images, behind the scenes pics and early access to items being publically released. Get announced when downloadable content is available.

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This flow of support, like the droplet helps fund the creative process and channels, can support meditation time and inspiration to deliver projects with greater focus. Be a part of my thinking process and take part in polls that will help steer the creative directions of my projects. You can access all pattern posts as well as special behind-the-scenes posts, including any live streams I might hold. Any content created for download will be accessible too.




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This Patreon page is for all the creative output of Ketan Majmudar, a British Indian actor/filmmaker/developer/artist/musician/geek. Subscribing to one of the tiers will allow him to create and develop large scale ideas, such as feature films, screenplays and also roll out small form content. Some tiers will include production diaries and updates to peek behind the scenes.

About Me
My love of cinema and sci-fi stems from seeing movies on the big screen, such as Star Wars, Superman, Close Encounters, The Matrix etc..
Started experimenting with filmmaking with VHS cameras as a teen. I studied engineering and then founded a web design business, switching to building apps in 2012. I starting a small vegan cheese business and more recently having worked in the film and tv industry as a Supporting Artist.
My creativity spans sound, photography, video and technology. I enjoy exploring the space where art and tech crossover.
I’m turning to Patreon to help develop my ideas and see them to fruition.

During the COVID-19 lockdown 2020, I'm working on a short film which will be entered into competitions. In 2019 I crowdfunded to realise a short film, The Writ. The film comprised a crew of approx 14. A majority of the project has been realised but, still needs some pickups and post-production.
There are projects that I have started and would like to complete:
TV Pilot Screenplay
Sci Fi/Psychological Horror/Thriller (The outline for this is fairly well developed but needs a lot more time and energy)
Feature Film Screenplay
A human drama based on real events.
C.A.P.O.W (Comics: Accessible Online Publishing WebEngine) - a project I pitched at MozFest a few years ago but lack resources to continue.

GraphicNovelScript (Untitled)
  • Treatment/outline and intro script complete
Photography ( 3D and 2D Stills)
There is an archival project relating to my fathers' medium/large format 1950's negatives

By supporting me as a Patreon member, I will be able to dedicate time to the creative projects at hand, which may shift from week to week/month to month. Some short term and others longer. But you get to help realise them, get credited and share in the creative process. I will post regular updates that delve into the problems and solutions to delivering these creative projects. I believe sharing the creative journey is a lot more rewarding for everyone.
£22.41 of £500 per month
Update microphone for quality/clearer voice over work, to help with The Writ short film and work on voice reels. Software and equipment for mobile film project currently in development.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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