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About AuntieSocial

Hello fellow sex-positive individuals!

Stereo-Typed is part of the TPOK Radio (The People of Kink) family.  I'm the host of the show, AuntieSocial, or Camille.  I currently broadcast live every other Wednesday.  The archives are available there, as well as on iTunes.  I also have a website/blog where I announce upcoming shows and provide links to additional resources and information on the varied topics I present.

I want to move to weekly live shows.  In order to do that, I need to access more quality content.  I need to be finding and contacting the authors, researchers and educators who are presenting interesting ideas about alternative sexuality; the culture, history, sociology, psychology and neuroscience of kink.  This means subscribing to journals and attending symposiums and conferences.  I also purchase books on topics that might be relevant to the focus of the show.  I adopt a broad definition of "kinky".  If it is outside of what is perceived to be done by the majority, or the practice has been pathologized or stigmatized, I want to learn more.

My goal?  To encourage my listeners to be able to go beyond stating their beliefs.  I would like them to be able to answer "Why do you believe?"

I often joke about needing a Sugar Daddy.  I can make the transition to weekly with the help of several Sweet Daddies and Mommies.  If you like the topics I have been discussing with my guests, please consider becoming one of my Patrons.  I want to continue to bring you fresh ideas and perspectives on kinky and alternative sexuality.

You can help me out for as low as $1 a month.  I decided to go with a monthly contribution (instead of per episode) because I fully intend on increasing the frequency of my content and I want you to be comfortable knowing your contribution level will remain constant.  If you can't contribute financially, you can help me out by spreading the word about the show and providing a review on iTunes.  Tweet about me.  Write a review on FetLife.  Send an introductory email to someone who would be a compelling guest.  Every bit helps.

My content is NSFW, or explicit, because of the subject matter.  Keep this in mind when you listen to the show or any of the perks that you will get from your patronage.  However, there won't be any explicit images posted here (sorry).

(Yes, the categories titles are from a show tune.  "... because the system works, the system called reciprocity!")
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New computer. When I took over the production of Stereo-Typed, I needed a quick solution to my computer problem. My trusty Mac couldn't be upgraded to run the studio software. I bought a Windows laptop, which is causing more headaches than it is solving. I need a new Mac. The model I want is just shy of $1,200.
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