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My name is Steve Thomas, or Steve1989MREinfo and I document Military Rations and Survival Kits on Youtube. Most of the ones I review are very obscure, rare, and expensive. With taking some interesting risks even eating much of the rations.

I fully fund my own material, and it can be hard at times. With skipping many other things in life to keep a nice steady flow of material coming out for the beloved viewers, but I'm starting to think I could use a little help in this. Plus, it would allow for producing better videos and with even more fascinating material. And more often!

Please help in any way you can - for any help in this adventure is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for even considering it! It means a lot to know there are supporters out there that are willing to help me produce more material and help with my passion for the Ration.

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Reaching a $3,500 goal would allow me to buy more exotic and expensive material for the channel, equipment for outdoor reviews, new material for reviews like old food, candy, survival kits, space food, a better microscope, etc.

A single video can cost several hundred dollars. With quite a few videos even costing well over $1,000. My most expensive ration as of current was $3,600. I also just purchased another ration for over $2,500 and part of the deal is giving free advertising to the company who sold it to me. I've never taken a paid sponsorship since the start of this channel.

Thanks so much everyone - and even just $1 would be a huge help - it all adds up!

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