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is creating Youtube ads & more for Andrew Yang
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About Steve Dannely

My YouTube ads are running for Andrew Yang 24/7 and Patreon contributions are going toward keeping them running!

Current goal: raise funds for a 
DIRECT MAIL BLAST to voters over the age of 65 in New Hampshire.

Support my efforts to get Andrew Yang elected the next President of the United States with my YouTube ads which I'm running everyday.
Your contributions help fund these ads. Using keywords relating to the election, I'm able to reach likely Democratic voters with Yang's message using this highly effective ad. See my posts below for updates on the ads.

Also check out the FEC's rules on independent contributions. We can spend all we like to promote Yang as long as there is no direct coordination with his campaign and proper disclaimers are provided.

These advertisements and activities are paid for by Steve Dannely's Patreon ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
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I will buy a Yang billboard in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or another high-profile city for at least one or two months of exposure, targeted specifically for Democrat primary voters.
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