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Creator & maintainer of the VSM project on GitHub (and also SciCura-v1, WordVis, OLSVis).

My mission is:
Enabling scientists to transform the unstructured knowledge in scientific literature, into a precise and computer-understandable form.

Making large-scale, real-world knowledge fully 'computable' is essential for solving society's most intricate problems, all of which involve complex systems (like cancer, brain, ecology, climate, security).
See GitHub Sponsors for a longer description (and for technical info).

As a scientist I live from temporary contracts, on a years-on / years-off basis. My skillset is highly valued in the private sector, but in science there is hardly any funding for it. Yet in modern science, solid, forward-looking software is needed just as much. The funding climate is especially dry if you dare to venture into any new direction that may be seen as too ambitious. Even if fellow researchers express an urgent need, where current software solutions cause a lot of wasted time and hampered progress.

Currently, I have no funding again (since Dec. 2019; just as in 2011–2016).

I would hope that Patreon could make funding for my work more stable. But that would be an illusion.
I would hope that Patreon would enable sponsors to give me a breadcrumb, as a public signal that this work needs proper funding. But we live in a transactional society: you pay X, you get advantage Y, by tomorrow.
Only the most noble of us invest in science for its long-term benefit – for themselves when they get older and weaker – for their children, grandchildren and loved ones – for posterity.

But please go ahead and prove me wrong. Fund me a breadcrumb as moral support.
Or if you can, fund me properly so my top technical skills don't go to waste on months and months of chores like fund-raising... Make science more efficient. Help me at least justify some of the work I put into the long-term development of VSM and related projects.

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