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About Steven Meehan

My mind never stops churning. While I have a select few characters stealing my imagination’s bandwidth, others fight to reach the surface. That constant struggle for supremacy leads to some beautiful stories playing out in my mind. Despite continually plugging away at my novels, I’m always seeking to improve as a writer. And that brings me to the nugget of advice I’ve gleaned from searching the internet, keep writing. Then write some more. When you think you’ve written enough, take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves, and keep on writing.

I love crafting novels, but they cannot give a budding young author the experience to grow. Thankfully, there’s a format that works perfectly, flash fiction. These tales are perfect because they consist of one thousand words or fewer, making them easily digestible for readers. It also allows me to experiment with a variety of other genres. Crafting stories rooted in unfamiliar genres is another way to grow as a storyteller. And that’s the reason I created the monthly poll for all my patrons. Every month each patron can select three genres for me to write the exclusive flash fiction. And while I enjoy getting to know new characters, I’ve written others that have captured my heart. I’m always eager to return to their lives and craft fresh stories for them as often as I can.

With all the storylines percolating in my mind, I’ll never forget the initial one that sucked me into storytelling. That expansive world began sprawling through the cracks and crevasses of my mind during my days in college. And while I cannot remember which year I started exploring that world, I vividly remember what inspired its birth. Unfortunately, in my endeavor to develop my skills as a writer, I’ve neglected the thing that sparked my passion for storytelling, doodling.

I was lounging about my dorm room, and my pencil started scratching something on a sheet of college-ruled paper. Halfway through ruining the clean sheet, landmasses emerged from the random strokes. And with each additional stroke of the pencil, the world gained definition and clarity, allowing me to plant seeds for future tales. When I finished the rough map, I jumped into creating the stories to fill its continents. But after crafting a handful of narratives, I put a pin in them and shifted my focus to hone my skills so I could adequately capture that planet’s story.

With an eye on my initial world and a renewed focus on improving all my creative outlets, I’m eager to broaden my literary and drawing ability. But I’ll always love working in the SciFi/Fantasy genre. Despite weaving some adult themes into my work, I’ll always strive to keep it suitable for all ages. Unfortunately, I have a couple of storylines with darker subject matters that will force younger fans to skip a particular story or drawing. I hope fans of literature and art will enjoy the tales and images I bring to the world. So, monitor this feed and enjoy all my creative work.

Check out my Website, my Wattpad, my Facebook Page, and DeviantArt gallery.
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I'm always seeking to improve my skills, be they writing or drawing. But being self-taught will only take me so far. With this milestone, I'll be able to continue my education and hold myself to a higher standard.

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