Steven Troughton-Smith is creating Tech, Development & Games Commentary


$1 /mo
Get access (on request!) to WIP hacks/projects and more information/context than I can fit on Twitter


$10 /mo
Learn about my tools & methodology, disassembling software, finding things of interest, and using it to build a clearer picture of how the things we use work. Also get access to some bigger pro...

Expertise (Limited)

$200 /mo
At this level, you can ask me to try and investigate a macOS or iOS engineering or reverse-engineering problem for you. I can only promise a few hours, but with my expertise hopefully I might be ab...

Sponsorship (Limited)

$1,000 /mo
I will give your app/game/product/brand weekly shoutouts and extended coverage for a month. I love to support great iOS or Mac-related products, and if you're making something cool this might be fo...