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About Steven Underwood

Like most storytellers, I started my life in silence and gradual learned the appropriate ways the world wanted to hear me tell them about what I saw. Thankfully, I became a writer and learned to screw all of those rules.

Hi. My name is Steven. I do the unexpected.
Recently, I've been shopping my debut novel, Ebony Antebellum, around, pitching short stories and flash fiction and working full-time as a writer. Here, I will provide not only provide Writing Criticism and Tips for emerging writers and amateurs alike, but release some of my own exclusive stories and narratives.

Everything is behind very beautiful $1 Pay Window because: aye, stories should be affordable to all. For criticism and creative/senstivity edits, I will expect a Blue Blood tier contribution, and then I'll happily take 1-3 weeks to respond to your material (forgive me, I'm a Graduate Student). For a quicker response, please send me one scene at a time. 

Projects List:
  1. Ebony Antebellum (125k, the Magicians x Children of Blood and Bone) #AmQuerying
  2. The American Witch Doctor (25k, Magical Negro x American Gods) #AmWriting
  3. Beginner's Guide to Juju and Other Black Works #AmOutlining
  4. Hotel Mambo (7k, Magical Realism/Short Story) #AmQuerying
  5. Father, Mother, Mistress (6k, Creative Essay) #AmEditing
  6. Burned Black Body (1.5k, Creative Essay) #AmQuerying
  7. I Should've Talked Black (1.2k, Creative Essay) #PUBLISHED - Bananago Street
  8. NYC, Where Rich White Kids Go to Play Poverty (1k, Creative Essay) #PUBLISHED - Medium

Author Bio:
Steven Underwood is an award-winning writer and essayist from Columbus, Ohio. Multifaceted, He has expanded his range deep into the recesses of Black speculative fiction and poetry. In the past, Underwood has published essays with MTV News, Essence, Le Reine Noire, Comicsverse and Banango Street on identity and culture. He cites his writing style as the intersection between Toni Morrison and Fredrick Douglass. Follow him on social media @Blaqueword.

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At $100, Deluxe Volume Release: I will format a Ebook release of Volume I with short stories, character shorts and character profiles, along with splash pages of character images. Free for patrons only.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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