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About Steven Yates

Hi. Good to see you here. Who am I? Patreon asked, and I know you'll want to know, too, so here we go. I'm an independent writer & scholar, a U:S. citizen living and working in a foreign country (Chile, to be exact). While not living on table scraps, neither do I command the resources of a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett (ha!). I've supported other creators on Patreon; now it's me that's seeking support. 

I'm an ex-academic, writer of commentary of various sorts, have written some fiction, & on August 10, bought the domain name for my creation of the near future, Fifth Stage Enterprises. Why Fifth Stage? You'll find some enlightenment here. If you're in a hurry, scroll to the end and work your way backwards. 

The basic idea is that we need to assume responsibility for the future, i.e., for our futures ... because if we leave the matter to chance, others will do it for us. We cannot look to our dysfunctional political system or an economic order that benefits the ruling elites. We can only look to ourselves and our God shaping our desires. 

Imagine, however, a future of abundance, in which we've used technology to create abundance instead of to maintain systems based on a presumption of scarcity. Imagine a world decentralized, localized, and which has returned autonomy to persons and communities who deal with each other in peace. In which we build bridges and not walls. In which we practice love instead of hate and indifference. In which we all recognize the benefits of riding on the natural systems the Creator bequeathed to us instead of just extracting and plundering them. In which people have intrinsic value instead of mere purchasing power, and in which life is more than mass consumption and disposability. 

I do not know whether such a future is possible, but I know it is better than the alternative! 

The alternative being a world of increasing precarity and unease and misery ... a world of increasing controls, some imposed by government, others the result of decisions made in corporate boardrooms, all of them hundreds of miles away from where you are, where your town is nothing more than a pinpoint on a map, if even that. Where your life is nothing but a digital blip. 

Our present mixture of Third and Fourth Stages is unsustainable. We cannot treat science, technology, and commerce as replacements for God or sources of spirituality; hence the ultimate failure of modernity. Nor can we simply throw up our hands in a gesture of despair and declare that there's no truth, just narrative. Others, perhaps our children and grandchildren, are depending on us. Hence the ultimate failure of postmodernity. 

Time's arrow dictates that we cannot go back. We can only go forward. 

And hence the need to look towards building a Fifth Stage of civilization! 

And I repeat: whether this is possible I do not know. But it's better than the alternative!

Building up this work via a programs helping people take charge of their lives will take time. Promoting it through speaking and other appearances will mean traveling internationally, and if you've traveled internationally you know how expensive it can be (airfare, plus rental car expenses, hotel, food, etc.).

I've never had a "sugar daddy" as do some writers, nor am I connected up with "big name" promoters and publishers. 

Which means, I'm just one person who has an idea ... and is running with it! 

I'd like to think it's a good idea (hey, don't all creators think this?) but if it doesn't get in front of its would-be audience, how will anyone know, and be able to decide for themselves? That means more ready cash than I have now. 

If 1,000 people see this and donate just $1/mo., that's $1,000. All of us probably waste more than that before noon each day. If 1,000 people donate $5/mo, that's $5,000 per month which would more than meet the needs I've described.

Twenty five dollars per month? Wow. 

Oh! Obviously, if you donate at least $5/mo. you get free books, free newsletters, free programs, whatever else this work cranks out. 

Wish I had a nice, slick, well-produced video to drop in here, but this isn't about me. It's about you, your future, the future, and how we get there. Where do we want to go from here? God may be in charge, but I don't think He wants us sitting on our duffs. Some things are up to us. Camus says somewhere that we're in this boat together, and although I'm not an existentialist, I agree with him about this. Join me on this adventure, and I'll do my part to help steer the boat through the troubled waters ahead.
$16.07 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 per month, I'll plan a tour the U.S. including your town -- just let me know -- already have a "helper" ready to line up speaking engagements. And there's always the prospect of writing a follow-up. After all, when you finish Reality 101 I guarantee you're going to wonder what happens next. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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