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A webcomic about a gambler named Trapezius Pepper, to be precise.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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** UPDATE: On SEMI-HIATUS for the time being **
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TRAPEZIUS PEPPER is the noir-ish tale of a gambler pushing his luck in a city of crime.

Hey. Steve here. I've been drawing comics for a living for the past 14 years. But most of those projects have been collaborations where someone else is tackling the writing. The last comic book I wrote myself was a graphic novel called One Bad Day waaay back in 2003. I've been feeling the itch to create my own stories again and this particular project is one I've had on my mind for years. I've set up this Patreon to let you watch as I kick myself in the butt and get on with it.

With this Patreon, I'm going to take TRAPEZIUS PEPPER from a collection of scattered ideas and form it into an ongoing webcomic series. That webcomic will be free to the public when it launches but in the meantime I'll be giving my patrons an exclusive look at my creative process and the comic pages as I make them. Since I'm still experimenting with the visual style and character designs, I'm going to start off by drawing some one-page comics to get a feel for it. Think of them as vignettes--little glimpses into the universe of Trapezius Pepper.

One of the problems with being a freelance artist is that I feel like I should constantly be chasing gigs to keep the rent paid. My landlord agrees. If I can get a bit of financial support from this Patreon, I can dedicate more time to working on this comic and start producing it at a faster pace.

Anyone who pledges $1 or more to my Patreon gets a sneak peek at these comics before the rest of the world. When I properly launch the webcomic and make the comics public, the reward for EARLY BIRD patrons will become early access to any new comics.

I know there are some process junkies out there who love to see the work that goes into a finished drawing, so patrons who pledge $3 or more will also get access to a secondary CREATIVE PROCESS feed. There I'll be posting initial character sketches, as well as various stages of each comic page. I'm still figuring out my preferred techniques when it comes to drawing digitally, so you'll get to watch as that process evolves.

Check out the Pledge Levels below to see the perks I'm offering to those of you who want to support me even more. I'll also be encouraging patrons to post their opinions in the Activity Feed. If I'm pondering multiple designs for something, I might even let you guys pick the best one.

If you're new to Patreon... it's a crowd-funding platform that works a little differently from Kickstarter. Patreon is about ONGOING support of a creator. So your account will be charged the same amount at the end of each month. But don't feel like you're getting locked into something! You can cancel or change your pledge at any time.

As for the TRAPEZIUS PEPPER comics... they're going to include stuff that I enjoy drawing and that I want to see in a comic. So I hope you're okay with entering a reality where bears and raccoons speak and live among us humans. The comic will also include gamblers, booze hounds, ne'er-do-wells, sword-wielding viking gangsters and even a bit of the supernatural.

If you like my comics and want to see me keep at it, please consider tossing in a buck or so to support my efforts. Thanks!

You can find out more about my previous projects on my website:
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