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  • 10% off  discount code
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  •  Patreon feed access 
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About Me
My name is Stephen Najarian, I am a fantasy illustrator living in New Jersey. Ever since I was little I have had a fascination with fantasy. Escaping to another world filled with dragons, demons, Gods, the fight between good vs evil, heroes and villains. As a kid I was always inspired by majestic epic landscapes, stunning sunsets, towering snow capped mountains,  towering Gothic castles and ferocious fire breathing dragons. And now as an adult that is exactly what I create, for myself and for my fans that follow similar passions

What I am Making
I am painting Dragons, lots and lots of Dragons.  The main project I will be working on is a series of elemental themed dragons.  Eventually I want a dragon for every element/type of geography.  These will not be the only Dragons that I will be creating, I will also be painting dragons outside the element series (I told you, I like Dragons).  I will also be painting lots of castles and landscapes.  Basically all of the things I love to paint.  There will be scenes and interpretations from my favorite books and movies, and attempts by my to break out of my comfort zone.  I am on an artistic journey to discover myself and and you will be along for the ride!

Patreon, what is it and why should I care

is an online platform that allows creators to engage with and share additional content to fans.  Many people seem to think that Patreon is the digital equivalent of a hobo on the street asking for money, or the tip jar at a restaurant checkout.  People think that if someone creates Patreon it is like a Go-Fund-Me and the creator has fallen on hard times and is some form of charity.  It is not.

By becoming a patron, you are becoming a member of my mighty Dragon Hoard and are thus privy to exclusive content that is only available right here.  Members will receive exclusive early access to all of the art created and will be first in line to purchase prints or original art.  Members will also have access to write ups and blog posts detailing my painting process and how I go about creating my illustrations.  Additional rewards for members will be access to high resolution JPG's of work in progress and all finished resolutions you will not find anywhere else other than right here, there will also be physical rewards like monthly mailed out postcards, original art and prints.  Members will also be able to take part in the creative process, voting on what illustrations I work on next, vote or suggest names for paintings, and have special thanks credit on and elsewhere

Okay, sounds cool, how do I sign up and get charged

Great! all you have to do now is click the "Become a Patron" button on the upper right corner of the page and choose what tier/dollar amount you would like to pledge.  You will be charged once a month for your pledge.  And that is it, mailed rewards will be sent out at the end of the month, all you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the ride!

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