Steve Chapman ( @stevexoh )

is creating art, social experiments, creative wonkiness

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Hello there.  

I'm Steve, an artist, writer and speaker interested in creativity and the human condition.

Whilst my work has a variety of forms, it all arises from the intention of screwing around with convention.  Flipping unquestioned norms on their head.  Picking at the seams of tradition and best practice to see what creative potential lies beneath.  Disturbing stuck loops of common sense by moving towards that which we habitually avoid: confusion, dissonance and not knowing.

What on earth do I actually do?
In addition to my "traditional" art (which you can view here and follow on Instagram here)
much of my work takes the form of not-for-profit conceptual art projects and experiments such as Inexpert 2018 (a conference that aimed to be the opposite of TED),  The Imperfect Portrait Experiment (a challenge to our perceptions of what "good" art is) and Sound of Silence, the world's first silent podcast featuring special guests .

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Every single donation is very much appreciated whether you pledge $1 or $50 per month.  100% of your donation goes towards the following:

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I've thought a lot about the tiers and wanted to keep them simple, affordable and offer some rewards that are of value.  The table below gives an overview of the donations and the rewards.  Please note that all donations are before any local taxes that may need to be added.

  • Backstage VIP area: Newsletter updates, videos and news from me about stuff I'm working on, stuff I'm thinking of working on, stuff that goes wrong that nobody ever sees, behind the scenes of some of my projects.
  • 10% Off shop: 10% off most items in my shop*
  • Digital portrait: A hand-drawn "Imperfect Portrait" of you, somebody you know or a celebrity, scanned and sent to you digitally.   To get a sense of my Imperfect Portraits you may want to watch this video.
  • Free limited print: When you sign up you will get a free limited print of your choice sent to you in the post.
  • Free quarterly** limited print: A limited edition print of your choice sent in the post each quarter.
  • Free quarterly** original art. An original drawing from my archive sent in the post each quarter.
And, of course, in addition to the rewards above you are contributing to the revolution towards non-sense.

Thanks for dropping by.

With love,


Some helpful notes for helpfulness.

* 10% off is only possible for items that I hold in stock and send out directly (Prints, original art, badges).  The discount is not applicable to items that are manufactured and despatched by third party suppliers (T-shirts, posters, cards)

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NOTE: As of May 2020 Patreon has been required by law to add tax to your donations in addition to the tiered pricing above.   This is very annoying but unavoidable but I hope you can claim it back in some form.  You can read more about this here.

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