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Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by at my patreon page. I research ancient history to figure out the true story of mankind, how man spread over the world and to find out if there are any relations and connections between the ancient known cultures. 

I am trying to be a full time researcher and test for example my Menkaure theory of which a video can be seen here on the ancient architects channel.

With enough support I hope to initiate thermal scans and also update my website and buy some vlogging equipment.

I have a website at on which there is content that is for Patreons only. Links to these articles and videos will be posted here and can be unlocked by becoming a Patreon. 

I am on facebook with my page

On my Academia profile I have a few researchpapers which are free to read:

I hope you enjoy my content and thanks you for your support!
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Buy a FLIR heat scanning tool, DJI drone for video and travel to Egypt to test my Menkaure paper theory.

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