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is creating Fine Art Oil Paintings
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About Stina Aleah

Hello Friends!
My name is Stina Aleah, I'm a fine artist and oil painter on a quest to continue my national exhibits, and hopes to break into the international market. My biggest dream is to extend a hand to our youth, teaching them that art can provide passage through healing, inspiration, and discovery of ones true self.

I wanted to provide a different way for everyone to support my art, and journey through the fine art world. I believe Patreon is a great platform for all of us to connect and share!

Your amazing support helps me with putting on quality production of my exhibitions, allows me to create larger creations and explore other mediums; and most importantly, helps me to provide free art lessons, mentorship, and guidance to our youth whom cannot afford the costs of professional lessons.

On my Patreon you will find:
Exclusive behind the scenes sneak peak looks into my upcoming creations (not shown to public before exhibitions), timelapse videos of creations from beginning to end, show and exhibition announcements (Hopefully in your city!), and also REAL TIME behind the scenes videos exclusive to my supporters, and available to download. These real time videos provide information on my references for paintings, my unique underpainting process, my layering and painting techniques and more!

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions or send me topics of discussions that you would like to see in my videos!
My ultimate goal with Patreon is to continue carving my path into the art world, while teaching and inspiring our youth.
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When I reach $700 a month, I will create a special "thank you" video posted on all of my social media forums, thanking each and every one of you (unless you would like to remain anonymous). I will also offer 30% off of my store on

You all are the best!! Thank you
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