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A spark of motivation

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Smallest things matter, you've just sparked my motivation.
Thank You!

"I want to see"

reward item
reward item
per month
Since you asked, so here it goes.
You'll get access to original (h.264 files), of my replications.
Each month you'll receive a letter with a link to a dropbox folder containing pieces I'm working on in current month.

Enhanced Reality

reward item
reward item
per month
Since we all know how online video sharing places tend to ruin the quality of originals, therefore, killing all the important tiny details, I had to do this eventually.
So periodically I will send you a link which contains HQ versions of my published VR and 360 degree pieces.

A little part of you in my next piece

per month
I will make a image replication for you!
Just send me a shot ofyour experience, and anything you might add to it.
Thank You!
Exclusive Mug
Fulfilled by Patreon
Is it a spiral or a hexagon? Good luck figuring this out!

See the process

per month
Ever wondered how the process went? Well, now is your chance to find out, I'll notify you before anyone else about my upcoming live streams
Exclusive T-shirt
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To keep the memory of "home" close to you :)

"See the world through my eyes"

per month
Get access to the full comprehensive tutorial teaching and explaining the mentality behind my pieces. Newbie friendly and doesn't require any After Effects plugins. I cant wait till I see what you come up with!
Exclusive Poster
Fulfilled by Patreon
Remember me?

"I am Everything"

per month
Are you kidding me?
You are truly blowing me away, I have no words to express it, but I can do it differently.

I will change your perception for 1 minute (It might take me up to 3 weeks to finish it though).
All you need to do is:
-Provide me with your experience (Video)
-Share your desires (What would you like to be replicated)
-Let me take care of it!

I'm truly grateful for a thing like this. I wish I could ever fully express my gratitude!
Thank You!




per month

About Symmetric Vision

My name is Raimonds, I'm also known as /u/StingrayZ over at Reddit, and ever since I remember myself, I've been consumed by the concept of our perception.
It fascinates me, how we perceive the world around us, and the many different ways we can tune our perception - deep meditation, dreaming, sleep deprivation, mind-altering substances, etc.
I got so captivated by this idea, that I started replicating these altered states, so people could catch a glimpse at how it's like to perceive the world through new set of eyes.

Thank you for being here :)
$182.63 of $300 per month
At this level, I'm renting out Rendering farms so I can finally bring you guys some quality VR content and maybe some story/narrative with it. Making experiences instead of loops.

Also, everything that's made above $50/month will go towards necessary tech for improving the quality and immersion of my work. Tech list:
-4K monitor
-PC parts such as GPUs, RAM sticks and CPU
-Decent camera to finally bring some extra depth to Open Eye Visual Replications
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts

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