Stix and Stones Woodcarving is creating Wood Carving Videos

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$1 /mo
 Patrons who pledge $1 (or more) per month get my heartfelt thanks for your supporting my channel and access to the tutorials. 


$3 /mo
 Patrons who pledge $3 (or more) per month have access to the  video tutorials plus get the right to ask me whatever they like and I  will give my thoughts in the next Patron-only ...


$20 /mo
 Patrons that pledge $20 or more a month can get all this plus a drawing or pattern that I make that month from the project(s) we cover emailed to them. 


$35 /mo
Patrons that pledge $35 a month . Will get their channel featured on my youtube channel in the featured channels section.


$100 /mo
 And patrons that pledge $100 or more per month will get  all of the above plus an original woodcarving (of my choice) signed and  dated for that month and year, every month.