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I'm a Rust enthusiast working on Crossbeam.

Previous work:
  • Sorting in the standard library. My first contribution to Rust was optimizing the stable sort algorithm in the standard library. This was followed up by a RFC for adding unstable sort and a pull request with an implementation based on a recent novel algorithm, pattern-defeating quicksort.
  • Sorting in Rayon. After gaining experience with sequential sorts, I’ve taken a stab at making them parallel and contributing to Rayon.
  • Epoch-based GC. I’ve fixed a soundness hole in the interface for epoch-based GC and then redesigned it for better performance and destructor support.
  • MPMC channels. I’ve implemented MPMC channels for Crossbeam, which behave very similarly to std::sync::mpsc channels, except they’re faster and more featureful. There’s also a RFC explaining it in a bit more detail.
  • Lock-free skip list. Taking inspiration from Java’s ConcurrentSkipListMap, I’ve implemented a similar data structure in Rust. This was a monumental task due to the complexity of lock-free programming and the lack of GC in Rust.

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