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Hello, I'm Jim Wright. I am a writer and humorist and for the last ten years I've maintained the blog Stonekettle Station and a number of associated sites on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Typically I write about politics, thus the humor part. Sometimes I write about cats, which is a lot like writing about politicians. Oh, and I'm also an artist and woodworker. 

Over the last ten years I've been working to carve out a new way of doing what I do, leveraging social media instead of the more traditional means of publishing political commentary -- and it seems to be working. While I strongly believe the traditional methods (books, news, magazines, etc) still very much have an important place in our world and provide a very necessary structure, this newer social media model allows me to examine the increasingly bizarre political landscape free of larger agendas and traditional restrictions. 

Now, while gnawing hunger often provides intense motivation to a writer, I do better work if I can afford to pay the mortgage and buy groceries once in awhile. I don't charge for access to my online essays, humor pieces, and other materials, so voluntary donations from readers like you are what keep me going.

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