Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan is creating Stone Telling: a magazine of boundary-crossing poetry

$1 /creation
We'll thank you on our blog for each issue to which you are contributing!

$5 /creation
The 1$ reward + one "in-progress" update for each issue, with snippets from some accepted work!

$10 /creation
The 5$ reward, plus a picture of our unofficial helper, Mippo, striking poetic poses :)

$15 /creation
the 10$ reward, plus a gluten-free cookie recipe tailored to your specific dietary needs :) :) sample results will be photographed, possibly featuring Mippo, TinyDragon, and other behind-the-scenes...

$20 /creation
The 15$ level reward, plus Shweta will draw a simple sketch to any reasonable prompt (critters preferred)