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The Circuit Book

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1$ Sketch + Artbook Blog

💾 Discord Access
💾 Sketchblog posted every 1-2 weeks, with a smattering of art/project updates.
Includes Discord benefits

Sketch Glitches

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5$ Quick Sketch Request Tier

📼 Add to the sketch request pool, using a new provided prompt each month.
📼 4-6 non-coloured sketches estimated drawn each cycle.
📼 All benefits of Circuit Book Tier
Includes Discord benefits

Buggy Requests

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10$ Coloured Sketch Request Tier

👾 Add to the sketch request pool, using monthly prompts or bring your own requests!
👾 2-4 coloured sketches estimated to be drawn each cycle.
👾 Requests will roll over into next month, and be used if that month is low on requests.
👾 All benefits of Circuit Book Tier
Includes Discord benefits




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About Boo Rider

HI! I'm Boo Rider, and I wanna be a comic artist!!!
I've become a video game? artist?? instead so far tho???? That's cool.

I've spent the last near decade working 2-4 jobs at a time so I could manage to be a freelance artist along with being able to eat. In April 2019, I finally got an art contract that actually paid a living wage. Not working 80 hours a week has been lovely, and also I still dream of getting some comics made. Hoping to use the Patreon as like, secondary income to support that? And not return to retail n stuff ever again.

Around my paid work I mostly do sketches of like, original characters and odd stories honestly. Blips of worlds I've thought of, a lot of RP character art, fun playing with fashion and stuff, and rarely some apparently a lot of BATIM fan art. This year I’m still trying to get that dating sim going?? Updates on those will be posted here too.

BIG OL WARNING: I'm still figuring out the Patreon thing. There will probably be some shifting around of things as I determine how comfortable I am with what, and see what's working best. All feedback is welcome! Apologies for any confusion.

Anyways Here's What You Gets

yes, i did that. that is the price.

So What Does All That Specifically Mean?:
aka How About Just a Lot of Text:
1$+ Access to private discord channel! Arts and chatter posted here.
1$+ Sketch and art blog!! Posted every to every-other Tuesday-ish, just whatever I've been doodling every week. Usually posted near 3am,,,
5$+ Send in a sketch request once per month. It gets added to a pool of requests that I use as warm ups, so there's no guarantee that it's completed, but I try to cycle through everyone evenly if I can. For this one, there’s a monthly prompt, and they're not coloured in.
10$+ Same as above, but these ones ARE coloured in, and you can bring your own prompt or idea if you have one. You get this sketch slot instead of the last one.
69$+ I'll contact you personally and set up to do a concept design for you over the next 4 weeks. Can choose from A Single Character Reference, 2 Fancy Outfits for a Character, or 1 Weeks worth of Casual Outfits for a Character. Minor edits included, you keep the references and designs to use for any non-commercial purposes you want!

🍞 My Portfolio
🍞 Twitter
🍞 Very Slow Tumblr

2021 don't let me down, lmao
$73.28 of $250 per month
Get some monthly streams going, scheduled out, probably with sketch requests if not just working on the sketch requests I have from tiers.
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