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About Stop The Cull

Stop the Cull was set up in 2012 to promote direct action against the badger cull, back then there was only a handful of us and we never believed the culls would ever even start, we certainly never (in private) believed that more than a few dozen people would ever get involved, one thing the culls have definitely achieved is the creation of a large movement of people prepared to undertake direct action to save our wildlife. 

Along the way we have had great success in getting the message out into mainstream media, no other animal rights issue has anywhere near the amount of press attention. Although the badger culls don’t get anything like as much coverage as they used too, we are still regularly making it into national press, just a few weeks ago we exposed all the directors of the badger cull (which has gotten us into a lot of trouble on facebook), and during the last cull, put in a lot of work on the daily mirror front page story about a badger found dead in a cage, we also helped with the story of the pile of dead badgers found, we exclusively revealed in the guardian that the badger cull shooters had been given over half a million pounds worth of equipment and we fund raised to buy equipment that could track that equipment! Making culling a lot harder for night shooters. We also exclusively broke the news via the times that river ford organics were killing badgers on their dairy farm. 

Never the less, main stream media coverage has significantly decreased, back in 2013 live national tv slots were common, as were journalists from the British national press and much further away, the washington post, USA today and even Al Jazeera have all covered the story over the years. With the decline in press interest, it’s important to put more effort into social media. We do need to revisit old ground with regards to tactics, more undercover exposes are needed and that footage could go a lot further on social media if it was not only better presented but also a budget was spent on broadcasting it via Facebook. 

We can in busy periods with a budget reach a huge audience, in the run up to the last election where many national groups were only posting once a day, we were posting as frequently as every hour, with boosted posts into specific constituencies we were pleased to see 6 of the 11 tory seats we targeted lose their jobs. But our reach went much further than those 11 constituencies, we reached a total of 3 million different uk adults in the one month before the Election Day. We were one of the only Animal rights groups to highlight the tory party u turn on a total ivory ban. With a big enough budget we can achieve so much more with regards to reach. 

A special thanks to every single person who has gone out into the fields to help stop the cull and all the many thousands of people who have supported them in any way, there are many many thousands of badgers alive today that would have otherwise been brutally killed.

This patreon page will direct people to any replacement facebook page as "Stop the Cull" is being frequently pulled due to "community standards", any money raised here will go towards fighting the badger cull and exposing the people behind the killing of badgers. It will also go to help rebuild the facebook page and work towards getting it back to the 95,000+ people, as we will need to spend some money on boosting as many posts as possible.

"Stop the Cull" isn't going away, we'll be around, for the badgers, until the end.

Thank you for your support
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This would be worth £450, this amount of money would keep our vehicle taxed, insured and full of fuel all the year round, meaning we could spend significantly less time doing paid work and more time in the field, stopping shooters, filming shooters and cull directors and crucially exposing animal abuse to a large social media audience.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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