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Stories from Science is a chance for anyone to meet scientists and to hear their stories - what they are working on, what inspires and frustrates them and ask the question: what do you actually do all day?

We talk to people and give them a chance to tell their own stories. We talk to people who do amazing things just as part of their day job, and open the doors to some of the science labs, small start-up companies and often cutting-edge science that is happening all around us. We talk to scientists, business people, educators and communicators.

What inspired us to want to tell these stories?

Well my story is that I ran a bookshop in my home town of Abingdon for more than ten years. And there is almost nothing better than a bookshop to meet the people in your town and to get a real sense of community.

Something I learned pretty quickly was just what a unique and special part of the world Abingdon is: home to many individuals, scientists and research teams working in world-leading science facilities and companies, leaders in their field in areas such as earth observation, space and communications, fusion energy, nanotechnology and robotics.

I learned so much from these stories. As well as feeling privileged, I wanted to share these stories with others - because they turned me on to the sheer amount of awe-inspiring science being done locally, but helped me get my head around the underlying science as well.

Since then, I have helped organise the Abingdon ATOM Science Festival, and I also use the power of stories to teach kids coding at local schools. But the desire to share stories and grow a science community right here in Abingdon and the Science Vale has never gone away. If anything, it's continued to grow.

This is really how Stories from Science got started.

We go out and talk to people, uncover the 'ordinary extraordinary' stories from the science that they do: what they do all day, the science they are involved in, and the impact it has - and in doing so, create all kinds of connections and possibilities. And we want people to be able to connect and to do this within an engaged, online community and a creative digital platform.

The core of Stories from Science is the podcast. And I really hope you can make it a regular part of your Internet listening. We are so privileged to have so many fascinating people all around us, involved in science in ways that might surprise you. In fact, we passionately believe listening in may change the way you think about what science is, what being involved in science involves, and what it can do for the world.

But more than this, we want Stories from Science to become a creative community, helping us shape and guide the way we discover, capture and share stories.

After all, a community is only as good as the people that choose to get involved right? And we would love to have you on board.

So how can you get involved?

Firstly, please listen and share it with family and friends. That would be great :-)

But the best way to make this a genuine community is by making Stories from Science owned by its community of listeners, so we are asking you to consider becoming a supporter through Patreon.

For just a small, regular sum you can become a member of the community. Get involved as much or as little as you want to, but that will allow us to run the podcast and tell those stories.

It doesn't take a huge monthly commitment to join in, and we've structured it so that you get valuable rewards at every level. Take a look at the three levels - Science Supporter, Science Connector and Science Energiser - and choose the level that's right for you.

Support at any level will help us grow the community and seek out and share the stories more effectively to benefit everyone. But support at one of the higher level will gain you access to more benefits - and help us do more with the stories we find for the benefit of everyone.

At the highest level you get to powerfully influence the direction of our community. And I can't wait to discover what we do next, because there is a lot of science being done around here and the possibilities are endless!

We want Stories from Science to benefit you, as a member of our community. We hope to grow your appreciation and pride in this amazing science community - and even unlock a door to allow you to get involved in science in the future.

Thank you!
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We think 50 subscribers would be a huge deal for us from a standing start. It would mean our hunch that there is a community out there is correct - so we'll produce a thank you video for the community, and we'll do some actual science as part of that thank you :-)
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