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You're a big fan of the site and want our work to be recognised! This tier will get you:
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Your love for the site is limitless! As a Farseer, you can help shape the future of the website. This tier will get you:

  • Access to our "in development" and "feature suggestion" channel of the the Storm, Earth, and Lava discord, letting you have a hand in the development of the resource
  • The "Farseer" role in the Storm, Earth, and Lava discord
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Thrall Himself

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  Your devotion and appreciation of our work is second to none. No one is more attuned with the Elements than yourself. However, even Thrall makes mistakes when he plays Elemental in raid -- at this tier, you will receive a personal log analysis by one of our team members on a single log (multiple fights within one log are accepted). Improve your gameplay in a way that's tailored to you.
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About Storm Earth & Lava

Storm Earth and Fire Lava, heed my call!
Founded in November 2016, the Storm Earth & Lava team has been bringing high-quality and up-to-date information on Elemental Shamans in World of Warcraft on our website: Storm Earth & Lava. With the launch of Patch 8.0, we re-designed our website for a better experience and easier maintenance. In addition to this, we launched this Patreon page by popular request for you, the community.

What happens to my donation?
Your donations are for the development and maintenance of the website. Firstly, donations go towards any money required for the payment of fees related to the resource. Secondly, the remaining donations are distributed amongst the Storm Earth & Lava team based on their contributions to the website. We want to be as fair and transparent as possible for the community and for ourselves. Your kind donations help us develop new features, update the guides each patch, write regular blog posts, conduct interviews, and more. As thanks for your generosity, the level of your donation is associated with a Patron tier, offering different rewards based on your contribution.

What if I don't want to / can't become a Patron?
We will never lock content or knowledge behind paywalls at Patreon. Our ideology is one of open knowledge and discussion. Being a Patron should not feel mandatory; it is a way of saying thanks to the people behind this resource. 
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