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Hi! I'm Victoria. 

I have been studying ways of living intimately and closely with land, plants, animals, and ecosystems since my early twenties in 2008. The land of my focus is the Eastern forests of North America (currently the United States), from the Mid-Atlantic region (Maryland) to the tropics of South Florida. In real life, many people know me as a "nature teacher," creating and offering hands-on classes, courses, & workshops on topics ranging from botany & wild edible plants, to hide tanning & animal dismemberment, to wild plant fiber arts, to regional thorn tattooing, and what often feels like a hundred and one topics in between. 

I like to teach because I like to learn, constantly. In my travels and ever-changing, gypsy-like lifestyle I am ceaselessly exploring the wild food plants, medicines, wild plant fibers, animal meats bones & skins, dyes, tanning plants, birds, fungi, fish, clay, & seasons of the landscapes I live in, bond with, and deeply love. In this unending work-play, I hope to create, to re-member, and to inspire a culture that is fiercely land-based, devoutly literate in the language of relationship (to plant, animal, & ecosystem), and as tangible and practical as it is beautiful, mystical, and magic. 

On this platform I want to invite you into my world. Into the day-to-day, nitty-gritty, behind the scenes work, experiments, explorations, and reflections, in hide tanning; wild plant harvest rhythms; animal & plant processing; and travel. Into the stuff that feeds my own learning, process, & eventual classes. To inspire you; to help & encourage you on your own projects, learnings, experiments & goals; and I hope, to humanize this sometimes crazy, eccentric, joyful, heartbreaking, backbreaking, mundane, and ever changing journey and way of life, so often called rewilding.  

Watch videos on hide tanning & other topics on Youtube here.
View snapshots of my work and process on instagram.
View writings & photographs on my blog.
And learn more about my in-person classes & offerings on my website

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